08 March 2022

Visitors: 56

Director's Message

Since the main purpose of colleges is to provide a profession, it is necessary to consider not only theoretical education but more practical opportunities. Susurluk is a region where meat, milk and agricultural activities are carried out in the most modern way, and it is also a region where meat, milk and food businesses are concentrated.


 Protocols have been signed within the framework of University-industry cooperation with the institutions and organizations within the district boundaries of our School. In this context, our students have the opportunity to be applied one-to-one in Yörsan operating in Susurluk and in other businesses that produce food in our district with Meat Integrated for Four Seasons.


Apart from the protocols, visits are made to other well-known large enterprises and small enterprises producing local products in Turkey in order to expand and enrich the professional life views of our students and to see different production methods. In addition, in order to follow the developing and changing technology, our students are encouraged to participate in fairs and meeting organizations related to the sector.


         Our students organize Theater, Music, Concert, Folklore performances and Panels every year within the framework of social, cultural and sports activities, not only for education, but also for a university environment, and they participate in various sports tournaments within our university and in the district.