08 March 2022

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Strategic Goals

By using science and technology effectively, in order to ensure continuous development, having the level of knowledge required by the profession, taking care of the country's interests, contributing to the efficient use of resources, having professional ethics, loyal to the national culture, closing the gap of qualified and qualified personnel in the relevant sectors and aiming at western civilization. by raising qualified and skilled professional staff that our country needs; With the mission of making every effort to achieve excellence in the fields of education, research and service, and the education and service it provides; By training qualified professionals who use the knowledge they produce, comply with international professional standards, adhere to their national values; Open to development, capable of meeting the needs and demands of the business world, competitive power, preferred by the industry and service sector; In 2022, within the framework of the vision of operating from the perspective of an educational institution with national and international prestige;


1- To provide an educational environment in our Vocational School that allows our students to make a successful transition from secondary education to university life and then to the business environment.

2- Organizing activities aimed at sharing information in cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations, participating in national and regional projects as an active party.

3- To promote our Vocational School.

4- Bringing new teaching staff to our Vocational School.

5- Creating an alumni information system.

6- To ensure the continuation of the afforestation of our campus area.

7- To strengthen the laboratories of our college with devices and equipment.

8- With the arrangements to be made in the Microbiology laboratory in our School, Food, Agriculture and

     We received the "Special Food Control Laboratory Establishment Qualification" certificate from the Ministry of Aviation.

    To complete the accreditation of the Microbiology Laboratory.

9- To bring new programs to our School's Programs and to create the infrastructure.

10- To provide a sports complex for the students of our school to continue their sports activities.

11 – Isolation of the exterior of the service building of our college


In our Vocational School, we continue to work on making Protocols with the Businesses in our District and the region in order to enable our students to make a successful transition from secondary education to university life and then to the business environment. Within the scope of landscaping works, the front garden has been grassed and afforestation works continue. Accreditation studies of the Microbiology Laboratory, which received the "Special Food Control Laboratory Establishment Competence" certificate from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Aviation, are continuing with the arrangements made for the Microbiology laboratory in our school. Financial opportunities need to be increased in order to achieve other targets.


In the coming years, together with meeting the needs of academic and administrative personnel and increasing financial opportunities;


1. To transform our Vocational School into an educational institution that produces nationwide research projects, provides training and is constantly developing,

2. In line with the vocational-technical education requirements of our country, it will be tried to train the necessary qualified personnel with the protocols to be signed with the companies in the region in cooperation with the industry.