Tarih: 25 Mayıs 2022

Gösterim: 14

Our Faculty Organized Tournaments as part of the "Spring Festival"

Within the scope of the "Spring Festival" on May 17-18 and 24, tournaments in the branches of "Football", "Football", "3x3 Street Ball", "Volleyball" and "Table Tennis" were organized by our Faculty of Sports Sciences.

The tournaments were held with the organization of our students and academic staff in three different fields within the campus of our university. Hundreds of students from faculties and colleges of our university participated in the tournaments.

At the end of the competitions;

- "Les Galactigues" in football,

- "HSM" in Foot Tennis,

- "Unsatisfied Gang" in 3x3 Street Ball,

- "Stars" teams in volleyball and

- "Gazi EKEN" among the students of our faculty experienced the happiness of being a champion in Table Tennis. The medals and cups for the champions were presented to the dean of our faculty, Prof.Dr. Nurettin KONAR and vice dean Prof.Dr. It was presented by Yağmur AKKOYUNLU.

We would like to thank our students and academic staff who took part in the tournament, as well as all students who participated.